PHI Lanthropy is a grass roots organisation, we don’t spend a penny on administration costs. 100% of your money goes directly to the people who need it.

Having been raised by parents who helped organise free cataract surgery in developing countries, Dr Tapan Patel and his wife, Gudiya, have made it their mission to help others transform their lives.

In 2001, my wife and I found ourselves in the middle of a huge earthquake in India, and what we found is there was this incredible energy in helping people in times of disaster. PHI Lanthropy is a grassroots organisation. This means we don’t spend a penny on administration or anything other than ensuring that all the funds raised go directly to the people who need it. – Tapan Patel

Another pivotal and momentous occasion in Dr Tapan’s career was when he was asked to assist Dr Matteo Clemintoni in treating Katie Piper. Thanks to Katie and her inspirational, ground-breaking work with charities and acid attack survivors, more and more people are aware of this serious issue and the impact both the attack and the treatment has on all those affected. We have gone on to treat many other patients that have unfortunately fallen victim to attacks beyond their control.