Who We Help


Helping Schools

In 2001, the Gurajat earthquake impacted some 150,000 people. Both Dr Tapan and Gudiya were visiting India at the time and were able to help set up a relief camp within just a few hours, with the help of local volunteers. They now both sponsor a school in a remote village in India, where children walk up to 6 miles a day to receive an education.

Your Money Provides:

  • all books, equipment, materials and stationery for daily lessons.
  • food for the daily meal: Rice, dal, vegetables, porridge, potatoes and some fruits.
  • all uniform and clothing for the children.
  • a small salary for the teachers.
  • dental care, First Aid supplies and vitamin supplements.

It also covers the monthly rent of the building, all utilities and maintenance costs as well as affiliation to the Himachal Pradesh Board of Education and all examination fees.

Y.E.S Charity

The YES team have a unique mix of skills supporting underfunded medical projects in Sinjar and distributing much-needed aid to families torn apart by ISIS. There are also many international humanitarians who either consult on medical issues or help with fundraising.

Y.E.S Charity

Since YES opened their antenatal clinic on the 15th April 2018 it has gone from strength to strength. They have provided healthcare to over 300 women, not just pregnant mums but all women who seek free medical care from a female doctor or nurse.